Client Testimonials


Thank you for the service provided, it has been most appreciated. If I need a building inspection in your general area in the future I will have no hesitation in contacting you.


Thanks Marten, great job!


Thank you for the comprehensive, well presented building report.


Thank you very much for the building inspection report. I was most impressed by the way the report was put together, the photos were so helpful in pin pointing the various trouble spots, such a great idea. Congratulations.


Hi Marten, Thank you for your email and report and I must say a good report.


Having had you do two building reports for two separate properties has meant a lot to us. Your attention to detail at the first property impressed me greatly, but then even more so at the second property which I felt that you went far beyond what I would have expected and I was greatly encouraged by your approach to me. I will certainly be very happy to recommend you to other people should that occasion arise.


Thank you for your prompt attention with this building report.

Bruce (Lawyer)

We advise we have received a copy of a building report carried out by your company for a mutual client. We are very impressed with the layout and depth of information provided in the report.


I wish to thank you very much for the comprehensive and most thorough building report on our property.